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The strong and expressive quality of classic typography is the reason why most artist’s books are now created with these beautiful letterforms. Tipoteca collaborates with publishing houses and artists to print projects using specific papers and inks suitable to stamp typefaces on sheets. Tipoteca has worked together with artists like Andrea Zanzotto and Valerio Bellati, Pietro Citati and Claudio Parmiggiani, Mirella Bentivoglio, Lucio Passerini, Andreas Kramer, Dennis Y Ichiyama, John Ross and Clare Romano. Tipoteca has also collaborated with publishing houses like Proposte d’Arte Colophon, Christian Stein edizioni and Philobiblon.

We also offer high quality printing using traditional methods. Our main customers are communication agencies, graphic studios, publishing houses but we also work directly with individuals. Vintage typography is perfect for printing private limited editions, visual identity printings (letterheads, business cards, etc.), invitations for special events and openings, labels, announcements, posters, and personal cards.

For projects requiring advanced technologies, we collaborate with Grafiche Antiga


“The art of printing and publishing texts or images preserves solemn rituals, which transform a simple book into a special object. Controlling all parts of this process, both creative and practical, means being able to define the book’s appearance.”

Lucio Passerini

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