The historical of typography:

from ancient books to modern magazines




The volumes are accessible
only upon agreement with the staff.
You have to declare the reason
and purpose of your research.

The library is open to the public
during the museum’s opening times.
The volumes must be consulted
in the reading room and they
are not available to borrow.

Tel +39 0423.86338

Read the regulation and
download the booking form
for consultation.

The library’s holdings are composed by many different volumes, which represent precious sources for the study and the research of typography art and history (XIV and XX centuries). The restored ancient books are original examples of different printing techniques. The library’s 5.000 volumes include: technical manuals of printing machines, historical magazines, foundry specimens from Italian printshops from 1628 to the seventies, artists’ books and letterpress art works.

The library holds more than 5.000 volumes, which are available for students, researchers and enthusiasts, as a contribution to the cultural studies of typography. This is a place to learn about typography’s history through books, magazines, posters, scores, engravings and precious art works.

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