Agenda perpetua Tipoteca


Agenda perpetua Tipoteca

Silvana Amato



Size 14,8×21 cm
424 pages
Hardcover with exposed thread, with casket
ISBN: 978-88-8435-217-7
Print: Grafiche Antiga
Editor: Antiga Edizioni

Silvana Amato

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Agenda Perpetua is a project by Silvana Amato on the occasion of the first 25 years of Tipoteca Italiana. A tribute to the value of “writing” in its widest and most inclusive meaning.
For the designer, «writing time, always giving it new forms, is a fascinating process every time. Designing calendars, or, as in this case a perpetual diary, means mostly dealing with writing in numbers that we know well correspond to a near future of days in sequence. Abstract figures that put time in a row, as if to guide us in our concrete days to come».
Silvana Amato started out from the value of conventional signs, numbers, which give visible and sensitive form to the passing of days. The merit of the project lies in the involvement of type designers from all over the world: a double page of the Agenda is dedicated to each of them. In this way, «the perpetual diary is transformed into a rich sample of contemporary fonts, composing a map of the digital design of the alphabets through which to travel throughout the year.»

The project is international and involves from an independent studio in Iceland to the largest French digital type foundry, from Istanbul to Tokyo and from Berlin to New Zealand, not forgetting of course the fertile London.