01.TIF Campo Grafico


01. TIF – Campo Grafico

Quaderno di cultura tipografica



Size: 16 x 24,5 cm
Pages: 72
Letterpress insert – Images: colour photographs
Format: softcover with flaps
Bilingual: Italian / English

ISBN: 978-88-8435-160-9

Carlo Vinti

Editorial Board
Sandro Berra – Leonardo Facchin

Claudio Rocha

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‘Campo Grafico’ represented a unique case in the panorama of 20th-century Italian typography, both in terms of production and publication methods and for the theories it promoted. Released between 1933 and 1939, this ‘Magazine of technical and graphic aesthetics’ was linked to a new model of typography, close to the Italian and European artistic avant-gardes; the 66 published issues stand out for the ever-changing covers, for the articles signed by both important personalities (Bruno Munari, Guido Modiano) and by printers and technicians often remained anonymous, for the use of innovative combinations between typography, photography and artworks. The founders of “Campo Grafico”, called campisti, aimed to bring to the workers in the printing world an idea of the new possibilities of graphic design, spreading the continuous mutability of trends and means and highlighting the daily use, not aristocrat, of printing.

“Quaderni di cultura tipografica” is the new editorial series of Tipoteca, designed to deepen the museum’s archival heritage. Each issue will enhance stories of typographers, designers, workshops and equipment manufacturers.