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Domenica 9 Giugno ore 09:30 - Venerdì 21 Giugno ore 17:00

TipoItalia | 24

The Art of Alphabet in Northern Italy


TipoItalia 24
The Art of Alphabet in Northern Italy

June, 9–22, 2024

taught by
Bill Moran
Riccardo Olocco
Dan Rhatigan
Rory Sparks

To register, please email to

The Italian landscape is full of exotic characters. Some are 2000-year-old classics, others are 20th century newbies. Some hide in plain view and others require a dedicated search. Now in its second year, TipoItalia’24 will guide you on a typographic excavation and digital revival of hand-painted signs from the streets of Venice, inscriptions from the Renaissance and Tipoteca’s collection of Art Nouveau and Art Deco wood and metal typefaces. In this two-week workshop you’ll explore old alphabets, print them via letterpress, and revive them to achieve computer-ready fonts. Type historians, printers and designers Bill Moran, Riccardo Olocco, Rory Sparks and Dan Rhatigan will be your guides on this alphabetic excursion as you unearth and refresh the best of Italian lettering and typography.

TipoItalia’24 encourages learners to see the alphabet in its myriad forms and trace their evolution to the type collection held by Tipoteca. This program fosters a “typographic archaeology” that can then be translated into digital type allowing the participant to bring Italian typography to their desktop computer.

Who is this open to? Why should I do it?
We offer a program of this format to attract educators, designers and type lovers to increase awareness of the rich typographic legacy in the Veneto as well as the museum’s collection and cultural offerings. Experience with letterpress and Glyphs software is helpful but not necessary.

To register: please email to

Find out the details
12 study & research days, maximum 12 participants per session

June 9–22, 2024
taught by Bill Moran and Riccardo Olocco

Pricing + due dates:
— Registrations by March 15, 2024
Euro 1,990.00
— Registrations by May 1, 2024
Euro 2,190.00
— Registrations after May 1, 2024
Euro 2,390.00

The fee covers the cost of the workshop and all transportation for daytrips. Participants pay their own airfare, lodging and ground transportation to Cornuda where Tipoteca is located.

A 500 Euro reservation fee will be required to hold your place in the workshop upon registration. Final payment will be due on or before April 25, 2024. In case of cancellation, the fee is fully refundable until May 10 2024. After May 10, half the fee will be refunded.
No refunds will be made after June 1, 2024.

Participants will arrange their own lodging. Once you register, we will provide a list of accommodations within walking or biking distance of the museum.

On the days when we’re at Tipoteca you may enjoy lunch or dinner at le Corderie for a flat fee of 15 Euro including wine pairings. This restaurant showcases the freshest meats, fish and vegetables of the region. The city of Cornuda also features other dining options and coffee shops within easy walking distance of the museum.

Per the schedule shown, we will visit Venice, Parma and Rovereto during the workshop. We will offer a tour bus or train to each location as part of the cost of the workshop.

Computers and software
All participants must bring a laptop with a version the Glyphs software loaded. Please be sure to load and test the software before you arrive.


Bill Moran is a third-generation letterpress printer, graphic designer and Artistic Director emeritus of the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. He is a professor of typography and letterpress printing at the University of Minnesota, USA. Moran’s artworks, known as LetterBugs, have been exhibited throughout the U.S. and Europe and are included in the permament collections of the Newberry Library, the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, and Tipoteca Italiana.

Riccardo Olocco is an Italian type designer and researcher, and president of the Italian typefoundry CAST, Cooperativa Anonima Servizi Tipografici. He graduated form the University of Reading. Since 2015 he returns annually to contribute workshops on the design of type revivals. His interest in history is central to his design work, and underpins his approach to contemporary design with lessons from historical models. With Michele Patanè, Olocco is the author of Designing type revivals (LazyDog, 2022): with this book they aim to  share ideas, procedures and practices distilled from that experience.

Rory Sparks is an independent letterpress printer and bookbinder who specializes in collaborative, limited-edition artist books. She is interested in investigating what shifts when we think about the book as a hybrid space, and publishing as a process of community building. Sparks earned her MFA in interdisciplinary art through the Confluence program, now at University of New Mexico. Nationally, Sparks has taught at various craft centers such as Penland School of Crafts and Minnesota Center for Book Arts. In the Pacific Northwest, she has taught at the Museum of Contemporary Craft, the Portland Art Museum, the Oregon College of Art and Craft, and PNCA. She has also co-founded several communal spaces including Produce, Working Library, and Em Space.

Dan Rhatigan is a typographer with over three decades of eclectic experience as a typesetter, graphic designer, typeface designer, zine publisher, and educator. After years of designing custom type and leading design teams at Monotype and Adobe, he now runs his own small foundry, Bijou Type, and helps other type designers publish their work as part of The Type Founders.



Domenica 9 Giugno ore 09:30
Venerdì 21 Giugno ore 17:00
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