The wonder of

the art of printmaking




The Gallery is open to the
public during the museum’s
opening times.

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday
9-13 / 14-18
Closed on Sunday
and public Holidays.
Special openings
on appointment.

Tel. +39 0423 86338

Through permanent works of art, unreleased collections, and temporary exhibitions, the Gallery shows and explains the art of printmaking.

A 500 square meter loft called the Gallery is dedicated to permanent expositions of Tipoteca’s unreleased collections. It focuses on printmaking: intaglio, wood-engraving and lithography. The Gallery also hosts temporary exhibitions, curated and promoted by Tipoteca to encourage visitors to learn more about letterpress, printmaking and visual communication.

A printshop is the crossroad of visual and artistic crafts: like in the past, printshops are a privileged place where printers gather and collaborate with important artists and writers.


ph. Marin

• Xilography: original wood engravings of artists Publio Morbiducci and Tranquillo Marangoni; woodcuts, engraving tools and samples of masters like Albrecht Dürer
• Lithography: original stones and litho-chrome prints of posters, ephemera and other material for commercial purposes
• Intaglio printmaking: engravings, original prints of the Encyclopaedia Diderot-D’Alembert, printmaking masterpieces like Numismata Virorum Illustrium (Padua, 1732);
• Music engraving: plates, burins, punches, music scores and opera booklets from the archive of “La Musica Moderna” (almost 40,000 music scores of Italian classic, folk and pop repertoire from 1930 to 2000)
• Hand-presses for letterpress, intaglio and lithography
• Original posters on display


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