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Italian typeface archive

The Tipoteca’s archive is accessible
only by previous agreement with the staff.
You have to declare the reason
why you want to consult our material.

The access to the archive is possible during
the museum’s opening times.
The collections are not available for the rent.

Tel 0423.86338
mail leonardo@tipoteca.it

This is the right place for printing and typography scholars, researchers and enthusiasts. Tipoteca’s archive of lead and wood typefaces is an essential resource to understand the history and the evolution of typeface design over the years. They describe the aesthetic of different historical periods and they are the essence of an intimate relationship with art and architecture. In this way you can discover more about each typefaces’ history, but also about the way of thinking in each different historical period. The Tipoteca archive of lead and wood typefaces has an incredible cultural value, one that we are proud to protect.

“Typefaces express a culture linked not only with the reading (of them), but also with the history of people who have produced and used them.”

Manuela Rattin-Matteo Ricci,
Questioni di carattere, p. 11


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