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See with your own eyes and browse

through books, magazines, specimens…


The volumes are accessible
only upon agreement with the staff.
You have to declare the reason
and purpose of your research.

The library is open to the public
during the museum’s opening times.
The volumes must be consulted
in the reading room and they
are not available to borrow.

Tel 0423.86338

Rare and antique editions represent Italian excellence: Aldo Manuzio, Giambattista Bodoni, Isidoro Arneudo, Dalmazzo Gianolio, Cesare Ratta, Alberto Tallone and Giovanni Mardersteig. In addition to that, the library preserves significant specimens of original, xylographic and chalcographic works of art.

The magazine archive includes over 2,500 issues, which reflect the intense debate regarding worldwide typography and graphics: Risorgimento Grafico, Campo Grafico, Graphicus, Archivio Tipografico, Linea Grafica, Il Poligrafico, L’Eroica, Graphis, Der Druckspiegel and The Inland Printer.

«Books are individuals. They speak, sing, smell nice and move with wind and seasons. What I mostly regret is to not have enough strength in my legs to go to a library to breathe their smell like when you go into a wood.»

Roberto Roversi


Campo Grafico

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