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Tipoteca preserves, Tipoteca shows, Tipoteca does. Thanks to visits, workshops, temporary exhibitions and meetings, Tipoteca encourages the dialogue between past and present and focuses on the foremost cultural revolution of the last five centuries: printing.

Not just a museum, but also an archive, library, print shop, gallery and auditorium — all are ways Tipoteca offers visitors the chance to discover and experience the beauty of letterpress.

The most important Italian museum about type and printing.



Tipoteca Museum arranges several workshops: typesetting and letterpress printing, handwriting and creative bookbinding. The purpose of these activities is to encourage the experience of letterpress printing, a technique that made possible the universal spread of knowledge and the birth of the modern book. All the equipment in use are  original: hand presses, movable types, type cases and composing sticks.

The workshops are a stimulating and entertaining experience to learn through doing.



Tipoteca’s archive houses iron hand-presses, cylinder and platen presses, printing and casting equipment. Despite the incredible value of this large collection of machines, our plus is the thousands of typefaces, matrices and punches in our archive. Tipoteca inspires scholars and enthusiasts who want to discover type design history by holding it in their hands, or to see their project printed with vintage typefaces.

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From ideas to paper:
your projects become reality.

At Tipoteca you can pursue your idea or your project with the help of our team of printers. Working in collaboration, we’ll help you choose the best paper, ink and typefaces to realize your idea(s). Letterpress printing can be challenging, but our experienced team knows what it will take to keep your project on the right track.

We’ve handled all kinds of custom printing for everything from business cards and books, to invitations and catalogues. With our expertise and your creative vision, we are certain that letterpress printing at Tipoteca will make your project memorable and unique.